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Help your business reach new heights with a professional, captivating online presence tailored just for you.

Our journey at Altitude is fueled by a commitment to transform your online presence and drive tangible results that help elevate you above your competitors.

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Captivation and Conversion


Results Driven

Crafting a website geared towards driving results and prioritizing user experience is paramount for any business. This approach ensures that the website is centered on meeting the needs of the user, ultimately leading to enhanced success. By adopting a results-driven strategy with a focus on user-centric design, businesses can establish a compelling online presence, boost sales, and foster lasting customer relationships.


Optimizing for performance and functionality is pivotal in crafting a high-performing website primed for success. It involves a holistic approach encompassing design aesthetics, seamless functionality, and swift responsiveness. Prioritizing the user experience throughout this process, ensuring the final product satisfies both visual appeal and practical utility.

Don’t Feel Stuck

Crafting your website with scalability and flexibility in mind ensures easy updates and expansion opportunities. It's designed to adapt seamlessly as your business evolves, reflecting forward-thinking strategies. With numerous customization options available, the design can be tailored precisely to meet your evolving needs, ensuring it remains highly adaptable and aligned with your changing requirements.


With over twenty years of hands-on experience, we're primed to leverage our wealth of knowledge to your advantage. From intricate design and development tasks to blogging, our extensive expertise guarantees that each project is executed with exceptional quality and precision.
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See What Altitude
Brings to the Project

Altitude is a pro, through and through. I’ve worked with them for the past 10 years and they have done nothing but deliver. And deliver exceptional results at that. They are super responsive and really know their stuff when it comes to web matters. Additionally, they have a very good eye for design and knows how to implement it. Basically, everything you’d want when looking for someone to do this type of work. Highly recommend Altitude, they got a customer for life with me and I bet they’d be your “go-to” if you’re needing their services. Thanks for everything!

— Stoneman Legal

We had our existing WordPress site migrated to Elementor. Working with Altitude was really great. They migrated everything within a week and they even fixed a part of our mobile view. Everything works, communication was fast and to the point. We will do more with them in the future!

— 24metrics

Altitude is amazing with website development and the clients that don’t know much about website development. They explained everything in an understandable manner and have astounding patience. The team kept my tasks relevant & easy to navigate. They turned my website around in a short time and the reviews I receive are just fantastic. Thank you for making this your profession, you do it well.

— Meridian EFT

I want to thank Altitude for the website they created for my client. They took basic copy and layout and turned it into something beautiful and effective for marketing. They were responsive to change requests that improved the quality of the site. Best of all for me as an agency, they were collaborative at the boundary of technology and creativity. I will definitely be sending more website design work their way in the future.

— Primary Goals

Working with Altitude has changed the way my business is run. There is not a task that I have handed them that they could not complete, and they have figured out how to create workflows that I had been struggling with setting up myself. They are a key member of my team, and I appreciate the hard work and the quality of everything they produce!

— Real Food RN

Altitude is a dependable, solid developer who stays current with the trends, best practices, and code.

— Bomber

The right tools for the job

No-Code Approach
User Experience Approach
Transparent Communication
Bricks Builder

Built with Bricks.

Your website is built into Bricks, so you can always maintain your website’s content and layout now and well into the future.


Zapier automation.

Do you require automation for your lead or campaign capture? We can easily integrate your website with Zapier!

Airtable integration.

Does your business rely on data managed by Airtable? We can make your website compatible with Airtable!


Campaign integration.

Do you require Keap integration with your website? We can assist with that! Make your website work for you!

Adobe XD

Adobe XD

Does your team rely on Adobe XD for design work? We can integrate that into the project workflow.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Do you need pictures adjusted? Does your designer prefer using it? No problem! Our team is well-versed in Adobe Photoshop!

Adobe Illustrator

Do you have illustrators on your team? We can work with your assets in Adobe Illustrator, or maybe we need to create icons for you?


Rejoice all ye designers! Yes, we work with Figma. This is the tool of choice for our designers too.


Tasks, deadlines, direct messaging, file sharing – everything for a successful project is in one location!



Your feedback is valuable. So when your design is ready for your approval, you can leave all the comments you want directly on the composition!


Sometimes we like to share interactive screen recordings instead of writing it all out in an email or direct message. For that, we use Komodo.

Google Meet

We prefer to hold meetings using Google Meet. We have also integrated it directly into Nifty for your convenience.

Relax. Focus.

we got your back

Custom Websites

Specializing in crafting unique websites for small businesses, we ensure visually captivating designs that resonate with your brand. Our sites not only convert visitors into loyal customers but also reflect your distinct style and personality, fostering strong connections with your audience and enhancing your online presence.

Reliable Hosting

Enjoy hassle-free hosting for your small business website. We offer secure, reliable, and fast hosting solutions, managing all technical setup and support. With us handling the hosting technology, you can concentrate on expanding your business, knowing your online presence is in trusted hands.

Ongoing Care

Focus on your business while we safeguard your website's health. Consider us your website insurance: we conduct daily backups, monthly plugin updates, and monitor uptime and vulnerabilities. With us handling these crucial tasks, you can rest assured that your online presence remains secure and reliable.

Email Marketing

Our team will craft compelling and eye-catching designs and templates for your content; and with direct integration with your website, we can help handle every aspect of your email strategy. Trust us to manage campaigns that not only engage and inform your customers but also drive long-term loyalty.